The XRD values for Radix native tokens are consumed every two minutes from several Exchanges and Aggregators via their public APIs:

Thank you for letting us fetch your data!


As the received prices can (and usually do) differ, we aggregate them and calculate the median price for our price endpoint.


The price endpoint as such will return every price available in our backend. However, there is a whitelist of tokens to ensure a minimum check if the price or token is legit.

This considers e.g. liquidity and age of the token.

The USD values you find in the Radix Wallet are shown for whitelisted tokens only.


The whitelist is no guarantee that the person who created the token has good intention and will not suddenly remove liquidity and rug! Always do your own research before investing!

The value shown in your wallet is usually not exactly what you will receive when trying to swap the tokens on a Dex - both due to timing as well as market conditions.

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